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    CycleOps Climbing Riser Block
    CycleOps' Climbing Riser Block offers 3 levels of elevation to lift your front wheel and provide a workout simulating climbing hills. For steeper climbing workouts, 2 climbing blocks (sold separately) may be placed on top of each other for many different adjustment levels.
    CycleOps Trainer Skewer
    CycleOps' Trainer Skewer ensures your trainer will hold your rear wheel in place. Made of heavy-duty stainless steel, it will provide years of reliable use and keeps your high-end skewers pristine.
    Leg Lube Performance Shave Gel
    Created by athletes – for athletes, Leg Lube Performance Shave Gel offers exceptional performance over ordinary soap and shaving cream. The ultra-lubricating and natural formula reduces drag, nicks, in-grown hairs, razor burn and dry skin and can be used anywhere you shave: on the legs, face, arms, chest, bikini and back. You can even use Leg Lube out of the shower and without running water, by wiping your razor and legs with a towel! Plus you'll love the pleasant scent and the way it leaves you feeling fresh and tingly shave after shave. Leg Lube and the bottle are made in the U.S.A. and it's even sized to meet TSA carry-on regulations.
    CycleOps Trainer Bag
    When you need to transport your trainer, CycleOps' Trainer Bag is the most convenient solution. There is no need to worry about your trainer getting damaged when it's safe and secure on the way to your race or event.
    Saris The Boss
    • Folds small and is lightweight for easy mobility• Holds bikes by rear axle with soft rubber-dipped fingers• Fits variety bikes with 20" – 29" tires, and is compatible with most disc brakes.
    Planet Bike SuperFlash Taillight
    Maximize your visibility with this amazing taillight. The SuperFlash aims 2 extreme LEDs plus a half-watt Blaze LED for light that can be seen for up to 1 mile! The ultra-compact case is weatherproof, light and durable. And, the SuperFlash includes a bike mount and clip mount for multiple mounting options. Plus, the 2 AAA batteries (included) offer run times up to 100 hours.
    CycleOps 20-/24-inch Wheel Adapter
    CycleOps' 20-/24-inch Wheel Adapter allows you to attach your BMX or recumbent bike to your trainer (sold separately). The adapter raises the resistance unit up for smaller wheels. It's compatible with CycleOps' Wind, Mag, Mag+, Magneto, and Fluid² trainers.
    Burley D'lite X
    The luxurious D'Lite X kids bike trailer and double stroller is built for the long-haul. Premium seat pads, headrests, and independently reclining seats to fine tune the angle of each passenger's seat make your little one feel like royalty. An adjustable suspension optimizes comfort for a smooth ride. Full-length UV windows allow for protected panoramic viewing. The included stroller kit adds versatility out of the box with optional conversions for sand and gravel riding, jogging, or skiing. Saddle up, hit the road, and explore in comfort! - Independent recline offers maximum seating customization with 3 positions of adjustment for both passengers - Quick Receivers deliver easy installation or removal of the tow bar and conversion kits when it’s time for a different adventure - Included 1-Wheel Stroller Kit enhances use with a quick transition from biking to strolling out of the box- Adjustable suspension dials in the smoothest ride for all conditions and terrains - Premium 20-inch wheels offer a wider, more aggressive tread with modern reflective taping - Premium Seat Pads include a headrest for added comfort, and are removable for easy cleaning. Headrest keeps sleepy riders comfortable in a supported position- Skid Guard with integrated reflectors protects the trailer - Full-length tinted side windows offer UV protection and panoramic viewing while seated in upright or reclined positions - Height adjustable ergonomic handlebar doubles as an additional roll bar when folded forward while biking - Water-resistant cover and zippers provide added protection in wet conditions- Front cover and rear window open up to maximize ventilation- Bowed-out sides for extra shoulder & elbow room- Thoughtfully placed reflective panels on the side add visibility from all angles- The Burley Floor Mat catches all the dirt, sand, snacks, and mud for an easy clean-up - Adjustable sunshade protects passengers from harmful UV rays - Seat can be detached to convert to cargo trailer - Hub-engaged parking brake keeps the trailer in place when loading and unloading passengers or cargo - All kit compatibility for stroller, jogger & skiing conversions- Capacity: 100 lbs
    Bontrager TLR Flash Charger Floor Pump
    A floor pump with a pressurized chamber makes at-home and on-the-fly tubeless setup a breeze.Game-changerWith Flash Charger TLR, setting up tubeless tires at home and on the road is a snap. Pinkbike.com's product of the year is designed for efficient installation of Tubeless Ready TLR tires without the need for a compressor. A pressurizable chamber instantly releases air creating seamless tubeless tire seating. Air compressors are so over.Product details- Alloy barrel for smooth pump action- Auto-select head instantly fits both Presta and Schrader valves- Top-mounted 160 psi gauge- Large, stable base minimizes tipping- Inflates tubeless-ready tires without a compressor
    CatEye Padrone
    $54.95 - $55.00
    Between its large screen and easy wireless setup, CatEye's Padrone is great for those who want a simple, squint-free riding computer. It's packed with essential features like speed, distance, and time, plus the auto start/stop means you'll always have an accurate ride time and distance for tracking your progress.
    Park Tool Super Patch Kit (Carded)
    The Super Patch Kit is comprised of a small plastic case, a piece of sandpaper for roughing up the tube and 6 peel-and-stick patches so no gluing is required. The patches stick fast thanks to 3M technology and they're thin and flexy to stretch with the tube. There's no easier way to patch a tube.
    CatEye Padrone Wireless Cycling Computer
    Between its large screen and easy wireless setup, CatEye's Padrone is great for those who want a simple, squint-free cycling computer. It's packed with essential features like speed, distance, and time, plus the auto start/stop means you'll always have an accurate ride time and distance for tracking your progress. Analog speed sensor included.Functions:- Current, Max, and Average Speed- Trip Distance- Elapsed Time- Odometer- Clock
    Topeak Road Morph G
    Topeak's Road Morph G is the perfect answer for riders who've had trouble deciding if they want a frame or floor pump. The Road Morph is both! For maximum pumping power, it features a high-volume aluminum barrel, a fold-out base, a long hose with built-in gauge and a T-handle. Of course, it fits Presta and Schrader valves and a frame mount is included, too.
    Topeak SmartGauge D2
    Topeak's SmartGauge D2 boasts a digital readout that goes up to 250 psi and it's compatible with Presta and Schrader valves, as well as shocks and suspension forks. The head rotates 180 degrees to get in tough spots, and an air release button helps you dial in the perfect pressure.
    Portland Design Works Danger Zone Taillight
    Portland Design Works' Danger Zone Taillight will enhance your visibility like the beacon on a jetfighter with two 1/2-watt LEDs. It boasts three modes and includes seatpost, seatstay,. and backpack mounts, too.- ?Two 0.5 watt red LEDs by Nichia Brand- Three modes: zZz, a-HA!, and Rock Steady- Up to 50 hours run time on 2xAAA batteries (included)- Includes Stayputnik seatpost mount- Weatherproof exterior for all season riding- Weight: 57g (2oz)
    Hammer Nutrition Tissue Rejuvenator
    If you’re trying to prevent injuries, or if you're currently nursing an injury and want to get back on the bike as quickly as possible, Tissue Rejuvenator is for you. It contains glucosamine and chondroitin, which play major roles in the health and maintenance of joints. Tissue Rejuvenator also provides the "raw materials" your body needs to promote rapid tissue repair, while also helping to reduce inflammation and soreness.
    Topeak MTX BeamRack
    Topeak's MTX BeamRack is an awesome way to add touring capacity to bikes that won't accept conventional racks, such as dual-suspension mountain bikes. The quick-release mount clamps firmly to your seatpost and this rugged rack boasts durable aluminum construction capable of supporting up to 20-pounds with ease.
    Axiom Journey Disc
    Do you have a bicycle with disc brakes and can't find a rack to go with them? Well, grab Axiom's Journey Disc Rack to carry your gear and you're all set for adventure. It's constructed from durable and light aluminum tubing, and has a looped design for excellent support for even heavy loads. There are also rear bars that prevent panniers swinging in and striking the wheel. The right side of the rack mounts to your eyelets, and the left attaches to the disc brake tab. This great rack also has a platform on top, which adds strength and doubles as a mini fender. And there's a place to mount a taillight, too (sold separately).The bicycle industry’s original disc-brake compatible rack. We designed this rack as a problem solver back when disc-brakes were still a new thing. The Journey® Disc remains a favorite to this day thanks to its flexible yet elegant mounting options and industry-leading weight capacity.- Hand-welded, tubular 10.2mm 6061 T6 aluminum.- Extra-long (280mm), adjustable Versalock® arms (for frames with eyelets).- Traditional stay on right (drive side).- Adjustable Versalock® stay on left (disc side).- Triple stay design has a sweepback frame that prevents pannier bags from bouncing into your wheel while you ride.- Suitable for frames where disc-brake placement causes a compatibility issue with traditional racks.- Generous platform size is optimized for top loading things like trunk bags and rear baskets.- Designed for modern bicycles by sitting your load further back over the wheel where it is supposed to sit.- Increased heel clearance.- Enhanced trunk bag / seat clearance improves trunk bag function, especially on smaller frames.- 280mm Versalock® arms are long enough to fit even the smallest of bikes.- Versalock® arms can be DIY bent up to 30 degrees without reducing strength.- Double welded for extra strength and long-term durability.- Ample room for a full range of fender styles- Reflector/light mount, Frame bolts included
    Electra Townie Alloy Rack
    Add more utility to your Electra Townie with the Townie Alloy Rack. This aluminum rear rack features a sturdy design that attaches quickly and easily so you can bring along nearly anything your heart desires. The platform acts as a short fender, too.
    Burley Bunting Bag
    Keep your little one warm so your routine doesn't change when the weather does.• Super soft interior is plush next to your child’s skin.• Compatible with most 5-pt harness systems and systems that include a lap belt.• Velcro backing for a perfect fit with all Burley trailers and strollers.• Recommended for children ages newborn to 2-years old.• Machine-washable.
    Honey Stinger Organic Stinger Waffle
    $1.75 - $22.24
    Inspired by the Dutch Stroopwafel, Honey Stinger's Organic Stinger Waffle will become your favorite ride food. They've sandwiched the great taste of honey between two thin waffles for a treat that's crunchy on the outside and thick and syrupy on the inside. Since good fuel equals good workouts, the Stinger Waffle uses honey as its main energy source. It's natural, easily digestible, and contains many vitamins, minerals and antioxidants.- USDA certified organic- 160 calories
    Burley Cargo Bungee Net
    Elastic net with adjustable hooks designed to fit Burley frame tubes. Quickly secures loose cargo and frequently accessed items. Especially useful with Burley Coho XC and Flatbed bike trailers.- Hooks fit Burley frame tubes- Hooks can attach to net at various points allowing flexibility in attachment
    Planet Bike Dial Gauge Tire Gauge
    Planet Bike's Dial Gauge makes it easy to ensure you always have the right pressure in your tires, which makes the riding easy and helps prevent flats. Built to last, this quality gauge works on all valves and has a large easy-to-read dial.
    Kryptonite New York Fahgettaboudit (3.25 feet)
    Kryptonite's New York Fahgettaboudit is a 14mm, six-sided link chain made of triple heat-treated, boron manganese steel giving it extreme strength. The chain is covered with a durable nylon covering that protects your bike against scratches. This 3.25-foot chain secures with Kryptonite's New York Disc Lock that boasts a 15mm steel shackle for serious security. Plus, three keys are included, with one that has a high intensity LED bulb for convenient, easy unlocking in the dark. This New York Chain has an anti-theft protection offer of $3,750, too.
    Campagnolo Super Record Carbon Water Bottle Holder w/Bottle
    Complete the look of your Super Record-equipped dream ride with Campagnolo's 18-gram Record Water Bottle Holder. This monocoque carbon marvel holds your bottle in the ideal position for quick and easy entry/exit. It's sleek, it's dreamy, it's 100% Campy.
    SKS B65 Commuter II (Bluemel) Fender Set For 28
    - SKS B65 Commuter II Fender Set for 28 - Famous Bluemel Full-Coverage Fender Set - Features stainless hardware and stainless 3.0mm stays - Front profile 680mm - Rear profile 1185mm - ASR security release system for the front wheel
    Planet Bike Red Zeppelin CO2 Inflator
    You'll have a whole lotta love for this CO2 inflator on long rides. It fits Presta and Schrader valves and weighs next to nothing. The cartridge is insulated with a sleeve to prevent frozen fingers and the small size means the Red Zeppelin fits easily in bags, pockets and packs. Two 16-gram cartridges are included. Now you'll never be stuck like a "Fool in the Rain."
    ABUS Ultra 410 U-Lock (9-inch) + Cobra Cable
    Featuring a simple, strong, and aggressive design, ABUS' Ultra 410 is the ideal entry-level U-lock. It's simple design conceals a number of high-tech advancements in security. The addition of the Cobra Cable adds security and versatility. The 12mm double-bolting, temper-hardened steel shackle extends all the way through the lock body, providing excellent protection against cutting and torsion attacks in a simple yet innovative design. • Innovative soft-touch housing cover prevents damage to paint• Pass-through shackle provides anti-twist protection• Easy-to-mount SH 34 bracket mounts easily to frames with a 24-35mm diameter• Double-layered cylinder with special wafers and additional decoy cuttings protects against picking• Mechanism Type: Key• Diameter: 12 mm• Shackle Shape: Round• Shackle Height: 230 mm• Shackle Width Inner: 11.8 cm• 2 keys are supplied with the lock
    Topeak Aero Wedge Pack (Micro w/Strap)
    Don't overstuff your jersey pockets. Simplify your load by putting your essentials in the Topeak Aero Wedge Pack. It straps neatly beneath your seat and is constructed of durable 1200-denier, Teflon-coated polyester with reflective strips and a taillight mount for nighttime safety.
    Planet Bike BRT Strap Light
    Planet Bike's BRT Strap is a small item that provides big visibility. This versatile LED safety band can be used as an arm band, pants keeper, dog collar and anything else you can think of. An included lithium battery provides over 200 hours of run time in either flashing or steady mode.
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